Conferences & Trade Shows

Nothing can ensure the success of your conference or trade show more than a dynamic professional speaker.

Bill Main is a well-known author and consultant with twenty-five years of experience motivating audiences across the country. His professional seminars and speeches can:

  • Capture the essence of your company's key initiatives
  • Align your message and conference theme
  • Convey your commitment to the professional development of your audience
  • Serve as an inspiring opening or closing keynote
  • Provide the content for your breakout sessions

Event planners, conference promoters and trade show coordinators invite Bill back year after year. Attendees regularly say:

Bill's presentation was the best I've ever attended.

Don't leave the success of your next conference or event to chance. Download a list of our standard seminars and training programs PDF 3.6 MB ) and reserve your date now.

In the year following Bill Main's program, our gross sales increased significantly. But more importantly, our profit margin improved by two points!

Contact us today to set up an appointment to discuss how Bill Main's products and services can invigorate your business' bottom line!