Leveraging Solutions

So…you've mastering the art of consultative selling.

Your customers consider you a partner in their success. That's good…but only to a point. How do you define the terms of your new relationship? How do you handle clients who step over the line without compromising your sales? This is were the rubber meets the road.

In Bill Main's program, Leveraging Solutions, your sales team will learn the difference between being an outsource—doing your customers' job for them, and being a resource—providing tools and information so they can do the job themselves.

Bill will share communication skills, value-added tools, information and resources so your team can spend time doing what they do best!

In addition to our own tools, Bill can incorporate some of the proprietary value-added products and services your company offers.

In the year following Bill Main's program, our gross sales increased significantly. But more importantly, our profit margin improved by two points!

Contact us today to set up an appointment to discuss how Bill Main's products and services can invigorate your business' bottom line!