Sales Training Seminars

Manufacturers and distributors face competitive challenges that force sales people to address some critical questions:

  • What are my core competencies?
  • What do I do better than my competition?
  • How can I differentiate myself?
  • Can I effectively articulate these differences to my customer?

For Sales Managers, these critical issues are at the heart of how you motivate and equip your team for success. Should you take the path of conventional selling -- features, benefits and lower prices -- which is comfortable for most salespeople? Or do you have the vision and tools to choose the path of consultative selling and focus your sales team on unique value-added services?

Consultative selling is clearly the better choice for increased sales and improved profits margins. And Bill Main & Associates has the techniques and tools to help your sales team move the conversation away from price and toward value-added goods and services.

Bill Main & Associates sales training programs will help your team:

  • Articulate your company's point of differentiation in the marketplace
  • Diagnose customer problems, find solutions and provide tools
  • Create loyal customer relationships impervious to price fluctuations

Read more about the ultimate three-part sales training seminar series:

There are only two ways to establish a competitive advantage: do things better than others or do them differently.

Karl Albrecht

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